3 Different Kinds of Engagement Sessions


#1 Get Personal

Go somewhere that may not be conventionally photogenic, but means a lot to you two. Wear your favorite outfits and do your favorite activity together. When you look back in 50 years, you’ll get to see something that you actually did all the time, and that will mean a whole damn lot.

David McCandless Photography

#2 Go Big

If you’re always going big for each other, then go big for your engagement shoot too! Make a vacation out of it and bring the photographer along. We can go out at sunset in the most picturesque spot and get photos that will blow your friends minds for years.

# 3 Go Home (In a good way!)

Growing in popularity every year, and for good reason, are in-home sessions. Why go out and risk getting hot or cold when you can eat pizza on the couch or get in the bathtub together? Do you really need to hear anymore?


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