5 Tips To Rock Your Wedding Timeline

Hey to all you brides and grooms to be! In this post I’m going to talk about the 5 biggest tips to help you build your wedding timeline and keep the day running smoothly. With these things in place, your headaches and stress will melt away, and you guests will have a pleasent experience with minimal waiting around. Let’s dive in!

#1  Gather All Your Details

The first thing I’ll do when I show up is take your details out to be documented. The more organized these are and the more info I have on their importance, the faster I can get back to capture you getting ready and some real moments! Some of the items I lay out include your wedding dress, invitations and stationary (bring some extra), necklaces or earrings, shoes, and any sentimental family heirlooms. You can, of course, set aside more or less, but this is a great starting point to get you thinking.

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#2 Leave room for real moments

My entire photographic style is based around real moments, so it’s important that you leave room for these to develop naturally. It’ll remove a lot of stress too if you have some quiet moments to reflect before moving to the next part of the day.  The getting ready stage is often the most emotional, especially for your bridesmaids and mom as they’ll be seeing you for the first time in your dress. This is a great time to build in room for emotions to play out and lots of deep breaths.

#3 Stay Nearby

This is the biggest stress eraser tip! Keep portrait locations close to the venue and keep your location of the ceremony and reception close too. Having your whole day in one spot will save you lots of headaches. If you must travel a lot, the cost of a highly rated party bus is worth your money. Keeping everyone together and having a designated driver will allow your bridal party to relax and focus on having fun instead of getting lost in traffic. When this happens, formal portraits and introductions get delayed, and your whole day backs up. If you’re craving adventurous portraits that take a while to set up, set aside at least an hour and a half or consider a day before/after session!

#4 Designate a Gatherer

When it comes time to take formals, having a dedicated person who knows the whole group and can help gather everyone will speed things up tremendously. The bossier they are the better and I’m sure you already have someone in mind! Make a list of the 5-10 most important combos and send it over 30 days beforehand so we don’t miss any!

#5 Trust your Vendor Team

Last but not least, when it comes down to it, trust your the team of pro’s you hired to keep things running smoothly. You’ve spent months of your life planning the perfect day and now it’s time to sit back and let us do our work. We are at weddings every single weekend, so we’ve seen it all. When problems do arise there’s no need to panic. More often than not, there is a simple and effective solution. If things truly do go bad, a good photographer is your number one asset. They can make or break how you’ll remember the day.



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