About Me

I’ve been taking pictures for a long time.

I’d say that I’m pretty darn carefree.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t care, ya feel?

Hi friends! My name is David and I am a traveling wedding photographer living and working out of Austin! I consider myself incredibly grateful to have this job because I get to spend my life with people who are deeply in love. Epic mountainside photos are crazy cool, don’t get me wrong, but moments matter more. I say this because I take into great consideration what will matter to you 50 years from now. It’s these powerful, authentic moments that keep me coming back week after week. On days off you can find me hanging in apartment eating too much guacamole and drinking too much kombucha. Things outside of photography that I love: writing music with friends, hiking in the woods, meditative yoga, eating all the tacos, drinking all the tea, and watching The Office on repeat forever and ever and ever amen!

Enough about me though! If you feel like we could be friends and you want to talk more, please reach out on my contact page!

Give me as much detail as possible, I live for it.


Photos 1,6, & 7 courtesy of the incredibly talented Alexa Diserio from Wild Native Photography.

Enough about me, though! Check out what I can do on your wedding day.

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