Amy and Brendan

Fall days come and go so fast in Pittsburgh that they often pass within a week. Still, Amy and Brendan managed to find the absolute peak of the season to head out on their engagement session. So where did we go? That’s a little bit more vague.

To me, specific locations aren’t always your best bet. I’ve always viewed my personal art style to that of a sculpter. Someone who slowly chips away at the stone until the final image is displayed. Because of this, I think it’s a lot of fun to have a more spontaneous engagement session.

It works like this: We’ll pick a spot to start, usually somewhere in the city, and then we let the emotions of the moment guide us to where we’re going next. For Amy and Brendan, I literally showed up outside their apartment in the Strip District and we walked into town.

Along the way we found an abandoned building to explore, a produce market to run though, and their favorite diner with the most hilarious mural out front. We even got in the car and jumped over to the North Shore Riverwalk to grab some classic steel city shots.

The leaves were so yellow that they actually started to match all of our favorite bridges.

As they say though, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I have about 70,000 more things to say below!

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