Before and After


One of the biggest confidence boosts I’ve ever received was when one of my favorite photographers shared a post on his ‘before and after’s’. It opened my eyes to the fact that SOOC (Straight out of Camera) images are always going to be a little bit bland. Even if I consciously realized it, there was a part of me believing his photos just instantly looked like that after clicking the shutter. Much like me though, he got home, went through the shoot, maybe felt a little self-hate, then proceeded to edit them and regain trust in his abilities all over again. Art will always be a rollercoaster of emotion. There is no point at which you stop being nervous, no matter what level you get to in your career. You will eventually learn that it’s okay to be nervous and work through it. It’s best to greet it by saying “Hello again old friend!”

In an effort to give back that same feeling I received years ago, I’ve put together my own before and after post. I’ll be doing more of these two as time goes by and if there’s any photos in specific you’d like to see, send me an email!


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