Julie and Adam


The minute I met Julie and Adam, I knew they were the perfect couple for me. The minute I found out that Julie went as a bag of chipped ham for halloween, I knew they were the perfect couple period. I mean would you look at that!? ↓

These two are the definition of staying true to yourself and having an amazing time along the way.

When we met up at Cleland Rock, my car was stuck in the mud so they had to give me a lift to the top. I mean this in all seriousness: Julie is a badass off-road driver. Adam is a badass co-pilot. We went full on X-Games in 10 seconds flat. She climbed the mud mountain in one take meanwhile I had already been there for 30 minutes pansying around. I honestly think she could go pro.

We finally got to the rock, but it was freezing out! So, to get everyone warmed up, we went for a little run with my All-Rise playlist blasting (any himym fans out there?) We got the blood flowing, the hearts pounding, and the love…. gushing? From there we took naps on trees, naps in each others arms (well, they did), naps everywhere! We went over to the Mills and danced around a bit, took some more naps, and had just a damn good time. All in all this shoot was a blast and I can’t wait to see them again this October!

From the bride: “Julie and Adam’s story started ten years ago when their mutual friends, Garrett and Ashley, who are now husband and wife, set them up on a double date. At the time, Adam had just had shoulder surgery and was sporting a fashionable sling. After Adam beat Julie in miniature golf (with one arm), Julie had rendered Adam “damaged goods” and the relationship didn’t move forward. In the coming years, the two of them went in opposite directions, while both attended college, and then moved to different cities for their careers. They had random run-ins from time to time, and even though they didn’t date, the spark was always there. On a night when Julie returned to Pittsburgh briefly for the birth of one of her nieces, Adam and Julie once again found themselves at a mutual get together held by the above culprits, Garrett and Ashley, to watch a Penn State football game. It was at this point when everything changed. Over the next year and a half, Julie and Adam continued to develop their relationship long-distance with Julie living in Orlando, Florida. They were a thousand miles apart, but their love for each other kept growing and growing (just like their airline miles to travel to see each other). They both shared the same passion for traveling and new experiences, and they travelled together to places like Las Vegas, Nashville, South Carolina, Utah, and the list goes on. Even with all of the fun and exciting places they got to see together, it was their next destination that was the most important. At the beginning of August, Julie finally moved back home to Pittsburgh so the two of them could start the next phase of their relationship. Within a month, he proposed, she said yes, and the two of them decided to make the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together”

Julie and Adam will be starting their next chapter on 10/6/18 at the Old House Vineyard in Culpeper, VA!


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